​On "What-Evers" (=ASK?To NOT Be  Multiplicital Clones In Life, Hobbies, The World, Or ANY Professions... 

Now I Know ART-Work Does Sounds Funny, But COMMI$$IONS FROM Rich BIG Metro Gallery Sales World-Wide May Change Your Point Of View & Some L8tr Point. Go Research...  & As Below Stated EVERY Helper Who Has Heart Dedication To My Cause Gets Her/Their Business  Talents/Experience/Educations Writ Here (Coded Named , Of Course, For Identity Safety) For World-Wide Visuality, Too!!!  & In BIG Print To Be Thought About As A GOOD Perk, Of Helping...      Thusly

& Each "Quick To Sign On To Helper" Will Have Their Personal Painting Shown As A "Past Done Design" & For If They Desire To Have A Sale OF  It Also!! Any-One Interested In Their Painting Purchase Contact Me With Their Coded Name & I Will Forward Message Accordingly!

Ladies,This  If You Desire A "Turn-Key" "Walk-In" Business Involvement & Want To Be Part Of Some-Thing Small Getting "All-Over-the-World" Wide-Spread",  bcz All It Takes Is Creative Researching Advertising Skills, Minutes-a-Month/Week/What-Ever; ... & HONESTY, LOYALTY, & Very Little Time. Sound Like A Minimal Enough Investment To You

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . And Another Benefit To Full Scale Loyal Honest Lady Helpers/Researchers/Investors (Acronymed = "HRI" 's) Besides Very Diversified Trustable Honest Handyman Helper (.net) & De-Stressing Respectfull Intuitive Massages; ............... Is Every-One Helping Gets A Code Nick-Named Name Mini-Section/Paragraph Here This Page As Sales/Recruiting Rep Can Have A Short Paragraph Of Your Business Skills/Talents/Separate Non-Competitive (To Mine:) Displayed On The World-Wide-Web As Reference Point To Be Seen! If You Want Your Own Tiny business I Will Help With What I Know Plus Every-One Elses Networking Skills & Connections.. = Helpers Helping Helpers & I Help Because Even though I'm GOOD At It, I HATE Researching!!! (Unless I'm On CL for Trucks/Parts, Guitars, Tools, Etcs)
Or If You Want A Budget Web-Site Like This From This Company
As My Info-Web-Site States,  ONLY 1st 6 Get a FREE-Investorship, 2nd 6 Group = Small Investment, Then After 12 Full$$$ & Get to Listen To What 1st 12 Have For Freer... & Of Course This Will Take Time To Momentom-ize..... But Multi Talented & Gifts Going Into Multi Directions Can Be Exponential For The Corner-Stone Dozen... 
Plus If Chosen, FREE Guy Type Mechanical/Welding/Fabricating/Body-Work/Kustomizings/More Than Basic Painting Educations Availablees Watching/Helping Me; Essentially Many Tech School Courses, No Extra Tuition, No Extra Books. No Class-Mates Hitting On You-Date Propositions Disrespect... Unless You Like That Sort Of Thing = Then Go Pay For It :)

 I Can Research Finely for Myself, But Takes TOO Much Time, & TOO Much Time Away From Productivity, & I JUST Plain HATE Researching & Office Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! Understand Better Why "FREE" Is Offered? 
  & Ladies Are Superior To men For Typing, Key-Boarding, Talking, ..... So Is Why Predominantly Aimed For Ladies. Open to Some Men If You Don't Laugh At ArtWork.
www.LessStressIsBest  -  Is Still Under Construction To Help Lady Helpers With Stress..

  More L8tr. 

NOTE:   ThanQues :)

Rachael,  From Home-Stead Web-Site  Company, That Re-Designed & Extensively Re-Did My Intros, & Format, & Back-Ground Theme To As Beatifull, Now, As It Is. To Me, TRUELLY, IDEAL!!!  ....;......  ThanQue Immensly!!!