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  The Bidding Room
  (For Sales)


Notes, Other Notes,Notices:
 Storage Lockers Available:

  5"x10' or 9"x18" Inside Dimensions, Concrete Floor and Walls, Lockable, Monthly Payments, Deposits Needed. 

Outside Vehicle/Trailer/Boat/Motor Home Storage Spaces  


  *******Art For Sales:
  Will be Sold with a Private Bidding Process, Sale Bidding Time Ends One Month When At least 3 Bids Start Coming In & The First One That Starts the Defined Month Must Cover My Shop Materials/Overhead Time Per Hour Investment, & From 3 Separate Buying People.
  The Beginning Bid (As Well As City/State Info) Will be Listed, as Will Be Final Sale Price, & Pic Will Stay For a While Here Until Transfered to Past Works Done In Main Page
  My Overhead Amount Will be Listed Here-In to Start Process.  
.....Full Amount Cash Investors May Request (My Approval Decision) Any Show Art Piece Here as Included Free Art Of Their Art Sign-Up Package Deal! 

  My Art Creations Will Be Here When I Find Compatable (To ARTS Over-Tones) AttorneyS To Prevent Idea/Concept Theft From Occuring. Happened Before On Small Things & Things I Had No Idea Would Be World Capitolizable As Was Done By Others Then.... A Blind "Visionary", An Oxymoron Humorous Truth............. Yes, I Know to The Multitudes That Visual Seeing & Knowing Defines Artist Per Se' As Such, But Still Morals & Technicals First To Them... But, Theres Over 15 Dozen In The "To Do" Box & More Very Hidden In Plain Sight In The Rest Of My Mini Office; & the Abstract-Designs Painted Ones I Don't Even Write down Schematics bcz "They" Can Flow Into My Mind Many Times A Day....