​On "What-Evers" (=ASK?To NOT Be  Multiplicital Clones In Life, Hobbies, The World, Or ANY Professions... 
Past Projects
Mini "Golden Gate" Suspension Facsimilie Bridge
Mythical Abstract Phoenix Bird
Pick-Up Flat-Bed/Box Concept w/ Integral Tool-Boxes Built-In & Lower Side-Skirts To Hide Frame Rail
My Dones ...Past Projects, ....."Arts"-Attemptations, .... Repairs ... Creations  

Nothing Fancy Impressive Here Unless You Know How Fun/Interesting/Challenging It Is To Make Appearing Fairly Socially Appealing From Left-Over Parts/Metal Pieces, "Mc Iver" (Old TV Series => You - Tube It:), .....Style :) 

Mini "Golden Gate" Suspension Facsimilie Bridge 
Past Customer Order Made For Over Small Creek, the Pic is Only One Dimensional Side View to Comprehend the Novelty Function Impact, On Top Of The Upright Poles Is White 110 Volt Electric "Light Ropes" for Darkness Illuminations ..... (w/ aTemperary Axle Underneath For Moving it) Also a Similar Style Double Wide "Bridge for ATV's Was Made. ........Property Owner, Now Moved (Available To Purchase, Call for Details.,)  

Self Made 19 Ft Car Trailer
Made a Few Years Ago Constructed 95% By Myself .... I Made it Better Than a Factory One, ... Longer, Wider & Lower Because Even 2-4 Inches of Extra Space Makes Difference.

Mythical Abstract Phoenix Bird

My Plasma-Cutter-Cart,Bottom Of Pic, Was "Green" Designed, Former Store Display Rack, Re-Designed & Welded w/Tires, Front Swivel Castors. The Moving Pulling "L" Handles Hinged to Drop So No One Accidently Walks Into ANY Sharp Edges

Lucky Flower Holder
​A Bit Of a Quickey Abstract Fixture , to Display At the Local Paradise Arts Theatre, Twice Used It In Their "Kentucky Derby" Over-Tone Larger Display. 

Rest Room 4 Paper Holder- For The Improperly Supplied "Rest-Room", a Free-Standing Holder-Fixture Incorporating The 4 Most Important Papers For There-In! Bathroom-Toilet-PAPER (w/Extras), Kleenex Style Tissue PAPER, PAPER Towz,, & Reading Paper (News, Magazine, Travel Brochures, Crossword Puzzles,Etc)
Plus Available With an Extra Shelf For Cell Phones To Safely Sit Preventing Any Unneccesary Diving Waters ​To Retrieve Them 

Green Art" Signs
(Unfinished) Heart Flower Holder
Can Be Customized Many Variety Of Ways/Sizes . Synthetic Flowers From Upright Tubes, & A Pictures
Holding Center Section Welded in Also. OR.... ?​

Customized Beverage Holders....... ​  
Upright From Floor/Tables/Chair-Couch Arms Elevated Holders to Keep Tippages/Spillages From Happening Damaging Furnuitures/Electronics/What-Evers, Pics To Be Added as Each Customer Has Them Made/Personalized. A First/Last/Next Beverage Holder***
These Fixtures can be Built With Just About Any Contents/Pieces /Artifacts Supporting Them.. Examples Are a Football, Baseball, Soft Ball, or a Floor Model With a Bat. Or Racers/Drivers Can Have Car/Bike/Pick Up Parts.  
Professional Constructioners How about a Floor Model with a Dirt/Sand Shovel as a Pedestal? or Farm Implement Components, or Overly Damaged Musical Instruments, Or 
 Mechanics, How About a Worn Out Floor Jack, or Engine/Trans/Diff Parts?
  (or You Design Your Own )

These Ideas Are Humor Mixed Heavily With the "Green" Element......... 

Horse Wind Chimes w/Solar Nite Lights ~~~>


Pick-Up Flat-Bed/Box Concept w/ Integral Tool-Boxes Built-In & Lower Side-Skirts To Hide Frame Rails.
Painted To Match Vehicle Color, More Pics Available But I Need To Find an Attorney to License Them to Me & Jesse, This was a Bigger Job Than Can Be Imagined, & We Did It Together. 

​Pick-Up Truck Integral Tool Boxes
​Integral With Factory Box Sides/Front With Hinged Door For Access, Pictures Still Misplaced, & Needs Attorney To License Design. 

Self-Designed Integral Tail-Lighted- Bumper
​In The Rust-Belt-Winter-Salted-Roads States, Pick-Up Boxes Rust Out Badly & Are Generally Replaced With Wood Constructed Flat-Beds Thusly Factory Tail/Brake/Blinker Light Receptacles Housings Are Lost . A Few People Attach the Lights On With Ropes or Wire or Nails or Screws or Even Some-Times Duct-Tape. I Prefer a Bit More Solidified/Permanent Version Of Bolting Them Recessedly Into the Bumper, Itself. Road Safety Height Is No Lower Than Older Factory Produced Malibu Wagons, 2/4 doors, El Caminos, Some Corvettes, Foreign Cars, Even Some Cop Cars... Functional Creativity Along with Simplicity Innovative. This Style Works Great For Repairmen Who Use Utility-Box-Beds For Complete Tool/Parts Storages For Road-Side/Mobile Repairs. Also Flat Style Bumpers Have "Advertising Area" of Displayances. 

Self-Designed Integral Bumper w/Tail-Lights, #2
​Incorporated. Simple Creative "I"-Beam Steel w/Flat Area for Stickers, Advertising Logo/Words Keeping Them Recessed For Scratch Resistance Protection, Extra Red Lights, Or Back-Up/Work Lights For Constructioner or Road-Side Repairer. Or Extra Load Carrying Tie-Down Holes. Or a For Small Tool-Boxes May Be Attached To The Front/Unseen Side For Extra Storage Space For Chains, Tools, Tow-Ropes, Beverage Cooler, (Because to Fixer Type Guys Typical Pick-up Trucks Don't Have Enough Storage Space Inside) Or a For a Vise For a Mobile Repairist My Basic Barely Black Colorization Is Not Quite Very Attractive, But Can Be Painted ANY Automotive Color a Paint Store Can Mix/Create To A Custom Overtone With Main Vehicle Factory Color. ***& Ponder: ...Both Bumper Styles Not all That Attractive to a Lady Or Higher Classed Men, But Quite Practical For The Ideas Suggested And For Any-One Ever Broke Down On a Road Way The Extra Flood Lights Sure Beat Holding a Tiny Flash Light Especially in the Rain Or Snow... This Model Would Have Looked Very Much Better With High Gloss Paint & Higher Definition Pin-Striping. The Pin-Striping Part Makes ANY-Thing More Attractiver bcz In My Younger Days I Pinstriped Demo-Derby Cars, Refridgerators, Doors,& Even Tool-Boxes..  

Add-On Tailgate Extra Advertising Panel  
With or With-Out Extra Safety/Decoration Illumination Lights

​S10 Spare Tire Retainer
aka Spare Tire Holder-Upper bcz The Factory Uses Cheezy 1/8 Inch Hanging Wire to Hold a Approximately 70 Lb Tire up Under The Box. When These Wires Rust and Break, They Don't Always Do it the Safety Of The Owners Drive-Way. 

​This is For My Friend Ray, Who Doesn't Have His License Right Now And Uses His Bicycle & A Very Small Trailer To Get Groceries... His Former Trailer Hitch Design Was Nylon Rope Mixed With Single Strand Wire Of Which Took Maybe a Minute To Unhook, My Metal Version He Can Unhook In 3 Seconds & Even Though It Looks Blue, It's Green (Recycled Components With-In), Also.... Chevy Alternator Spacer/Bracket For his Trailer Tongue Was Identical Size Diameter I Needed To Make Ray Happy & I Got Free Rolling Advertisement When I Get My Site Stickers Remade That Small.  
​Not as Pretty as the Taiwan Models, If They Even Make Universal Clamp Design Ones, But Lasts 100 Times Longer

Lucky Pen Holder

The 1950's Style Ladder Back Deck Chaise/Chair Available for a Movable Flower Holder/Mini-Garden To With later Added Elevated Top Beverage Holder, or Etc..
Sitting on Chair are 1960's Era Style Water/Milk Pitchers Later Assembled With Higher than Top Level of Container Flower Holders Tube, With Blue Cloth Material Abstractual-Ized Version Of "Water" Facsimile Wrapped Around Tube.