​On "What-Evers" (=ASK?To NOT Be  Multiplicital Clones In Life, Hobbies, The World, Or ANY Professions... 
Hi, Welcome To My Web-site, or Rather Customer Suggestion Site. Helping People By Making What-Ever Un-Made(As Of Then Socially) Necessity, Adaptation, Novelty Display Thingee They Order. I Specialtly-Design, Fabricate, Weld, Assemble, & Paint Unique Constructions That Special-Needs/Specialty-Oddity/Functional-Novelty Desired Customers Cannot Find Any-Where Else in The World, Or Need Changed To Suit Later Needs/ Functions. Or Semi-Invent Specialty Things In Case Mass Production Already Hasn't Done So(I Done a Couple Long Ago But No Patient Money). Or HEAVIER-Duty Versions For Extended Life Cycles Before "Wear-Outs" That Will Be Used In Difficult Places to Work On or Get To, To Even Work On To Start With. Creations To Help With a Needed Daily Function, Advertising Technique(w/Your Business Over-Tone/Symbolism Built-In), Or Individualization Personalized Upliftment, or Humor/Levity Upliftment.....Merely Think It Of/In Metal & Call & Negotiate A Final Product "Just4U!!!" I'm Just a Very Small Scale Business Operator To Help With As I Am Able To. & For What-Ever Walk Of Life/Life-Style, Philosophy, Profession, Hobby, Interest, Want, Need, Desire To Have A "1Only4U" "1AtaTime" Customer Satisfying Creation Is What I Am Here For! & Many Other Things Too, Just Ask? & Helping Just 1 Customer At a Time SURE Isn't A Socially Iconic Field Of Impressments, But It Helps Immensly None the Less. Yes People/Society NEED To Have Many Many Proven Visual Symbolisms To Define Said "Fabricator" Into Iconic "ARTIST" Sem-Saint-Hood Statusments Of Social Boastmentisms... Actually Iron Clad "Proofs" But First It's Customers Privacy Rights to Not Show Things Off If They So Desire & Secondly Until I Find An Attorney I Can Trust & Afford, I'm Not GIVING My Creative Ideas To Others Who Quicker Patient Them4$$$. & If I Have To Show Off To Proove Myself, I Don't, Not My Style, Sorry. Morals FIRST! Besides Being From A Half-Life of Semi-Homeless Self-Educated Created Into Being A Hidden Avatar, I'm Just NOT Glamorous/Impressive To Start With, Some People Even Laugh At Me In Public When I'm Clean & Dressed Up..... From Whence is How My Better Hidden Education Of Creativity(& Hidden Gifts, Also) Was Born. I Just Creatively Make Stuff & Hence There-In Said Purpose Of My "Suggestion Site".

And This Will Be Long, But Then How Else Any-One Know Some Of The Many Of All Of The Possibilities To Be Able Choose/Decide From As Well As Creatively Devise More, .............. ThanQue . I Can Also Create/Write Slogans, Catch-Phrases, Business or Personal Poems/Lyrics, Explanations of Things I Do, Handyman- Repairs/Plannings/Troubleshootings - Consultations...  
  Any-One Expecting A Magnifico Perfecto Worldedly-ReNouned Artistio Of "Da Vinci" Proportions, Sorry Not Here! Closer to a "Picasso" Of Steel, But Few See His Talents. Seemingly No One Would Like His Style Work Unless They Got The Sales Money For It, Sadly Social-"CM's" Don't See/Like Art Unless They Get The Money For It... A Few I Made Long Ago The Customers Loved But I Was so Unproud Of, No Pictures Were Taken To Be Shared Here As Another Reason. Oh Well Starting Over Again Anew For the First Time!.(Each "1OfaKind"-"1Only4U!" Is Just That Truth) 
  MetalArtistries, MetalArt, MetalArtist, Artist Are Terms ALL In the Eye/Mind Of the Beholder As Taking 100 People & Asking For A Said Definition, You Will Get At Least 111 Different Personal Definitions & Undoudtedly More ..... Surmise To Say "Art" In A Street Short Definition Is Any-thing Made/Created/Designed From Passion/Creativity Releasements That Is different Than Socially Normal(A Finitely UN-Definable Word In Itself) & A/The "Artist" is Some-One Who Does the "Creatings" Myself, & As Per "Artist" Per Se' of Me, can't Proove That, Sorry, Not Yet , No Awards, Recognitions, Statues; .... I Got Over 100 "Schematics" Of New-Age-Moderns to Do, But That Ain't Proof; Besides Most "Artists" Don't Get Proper Recognition/Respect Until After They Die & Being One While Alive Takes Much Longer Especially With Moral Methods. Especially With Chronic "Uniquene-nesses" Where-By 24 Hr Days Seem To Have At Least 25 Hr Time Needs..... Any-One Else Notice That Of "Life"?
My Site Is/Was Longer to Explain Better Overtones For Knowledges Rather Than Incorrect Assumptions & For Future Customer Idea Suggestionisms. All Meant Respectfully! My 3-Fold-Business-Cards(With Extra Printed Back-Sides) is a Mini-Website Info Package Meant so Any-One Can Read While Lunching/Snacking/Beveraging Liesurely. Call & Ask for One Or Many of More Infos. Thank You. What I Can Do & Offer Is As I Have Printed on The Back of 1 of My Main Business Cards:

  MetalArts/Abstractions/Custom Fabrications
1. What Do You Want Created/Designed/Made/Welded?
(Arts, Brackets, Holders, Fixtures, Beverage Holders, Truck Bumpers, Bike Racks/Sissy Bars/Things,
Advertisement Things, What-Evers, etc, ???, Rat-Rod)Things/Pieces/Constructs, Bike Pieces/Parts/Chops/Semi-Chops)
2. What Do You It/Them to Look Like/Appear As?
(Incorporating My Favorite Styles: Abstractualized, "Green". "Off-the-Wall")
3. What Metal Components/Pieces/Parts Do you Want Built-In?
  (Auto/Truck/Bike, Implement, House, Beverage, Sports-Stuff, Work Related, Tools, Spousal Left-Overs, or Make Up Your Own, ??? ) 
4. What is Your Price Range?
(Note: "1OfaKind" Fabrications CANNOT Be "Psycically" Guess-timated Thusly a High/Low Price Amount Range Is Best To See If a "Project" Is Do-able On Your Budget, Ponder Firstly Do You Want a "Millionated" Taiwan Mass Reproduction Piece.. OR ... Cu$tom "1OfaKind"? ... REAL Cu$tom = Original = No Duplicates!() ( & I'm OCD HONEST in My Dealings!) 
...............From The Front of Main Card: Also What Themes, Stories, Philosophies, Symbolisms, Logo's, Names, Numbers,Titles, Words,.......or ??? 5. What Color Do You Desire it To Be?: Bcz As Former Body-Man, = "Any Color Of The Mixable Rainbow" , Extra $$$Amounts, "But If Will Pay, I Will Spray!!!"
​ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 .......Essentially My Business Creed/Philosophy:
  Firstly Any "Art" Itself...... The Over-All Definition is All in the Open Minded Eye of the Beholder, Just as in all of Lifes Preferences whether they be; Homes, Vehicles, Fashions, Hairstyles, Recreations, Friends, Pets, Colors, Beverages or ."Whatever".. So, No "Absolute" Single Explanation Is Possible!,... It's Open & Accordingly "Open-Minded" -Ness
  I Am An Abstract, Fringe, "Off-The-Wall" "Green" Artist/Fabricator. I Love to Recycle(the "Green" Overtone) Past Used Metal Pieces to Infuse Them Into a New Life/Purpose. (I Enjoy Greatly When an Open Minded Person Sees/Notices/Even Identifies Pieces & The "Second Purpose" They Are Performing to Both the Cognitive Eyes And Functional Usage, as Well.. "Abstract" Being NO: Perfect Symmetry, Social Reasons, or Definitions There-Of. & "Fringe" Meaning Most Mainstream/Local Levels of Society Won't Even "See" the "Impact" Of Most of The Creative/Created Purpose With-In Each Piece Like The Outer Segments of Art/Creative Outlet Involved of Society Will...... & "Off The Wall" Meaning (Humor Based, Contents Of Much Diversity, Super Different, etc. ) And I Can Also Be Exotic, Ornate, Fancy, Detailed, Theme Specific Decorative, As You Desire/Pre-Order/(OCD Meticulalization Fee) Deposit Me To Be.  
And If Just One Person Desires/Needs a Unique Custom Fabrication , & Most Others May Find humorous At & Not with,... , Then I Still Make "It" Because I'm Making The Most Important(!) Person Happy By It,......... The Customer,...... Thusly, .........  

.CREATIVE HOLDERS/FIXTURES/BRACKETS/ For: ......Business Cards, Brochures, Bedside "Necesessities", Pictures, Pens/Pencils, Candles, Garden Hoses & Utensils, Electrical Cords/Ropes, Music Equipment/Lightings, Keys, Lawn Ornaments/Signs, Mailboxes, Shoes, Purses, Ties, Belts, CD/DVD's, Gag (=Humor) Trophies, Even Tributes to Passed On Loved Ones,.... With a Personalized Blending of Antique/House/Vehicle/Sports Parts or Anything with a Unique/Humorous/Embarassing (So Some One Never Lives Down the Incident in a Smiling Overtone) Story Attached to "Each" Thusly making It More of a Personal "Connection" Value to a Bigger Circle Comaraderie of a Friend Group. Mine Destined to be All "1ofaKind" Creations 4U.
  The "Functional Novelty" Term of What I Make Includes Having an Actual Purpose and The Reason Explanations Help With "Humor/Levity/Comedic Sarcasms" .
 And, .... Anyone Reading this Page Desires to Create A Later Positivize Conversative Dominoe or Ripple Effect in a Overly Quiet Elevator/ Grocery Store/Park/Bar Situation to to a Fellow Person In line Waiting
 for The Checkout or Stranger/Unknown Co-Worker/Business Patron for "Breaking the Ice" at A Cocktail Happy Hour[or Cafe Coffee Drinker Sitting next to You or Next Cafe/Bar-Stool Sitter to be a Conversations Starter to find New Friends/Vehicle Parts/Hobby Fellow Enthusiast or Even Someone Later to Help get You a New Better Job... The Possibilities are Endless, ..... Ponder The Above Idea as Well. It Works Great to Simply Start Out a Conversation with "I Recently Seen This Website of This Different Welder Guy/ MetalArtist Who Welds Together Holders for What Ever You Want, I Wonder If He Would Make Me a Holder For a "_______ " (& Insert What Ever Humorous Word You Can Think of to Make a Laugh/a Conversation Starter).... Use The Whole Scenario To Simply Levity and Stories Going ,.....You Just Might Get a Drink/Coffee/Snack/Meal From it... Essentially A Humor "Ripple Effect" Is People Helping/Being Nice to People Making Each's Day Better & Upliftingly A Positive Effect With Smiles .....Especially In a Work Situation Needing as Much Upliftments as Possible.,.,... 

  ......... Ponder, ..... A Design, To Make A Conversation Piece for Your Next Party/Reunion/Meeting!!!, With A Story, A Philosophy, A Symbolism, A Happy Re-Enactment of Some Past Pleasurable Episode of Life .or Just Something to Keep People Wondering/Guessing.......While Creating Usable Fixtures or Possibly Ever Had Some Piece Of A "Whatever" Laying Around For Years?...Tripping Over it, Driving Over it Even, & Wondered Why You Didn't Throw it Away? ...Your Higher Self was Possibly Keeping it for This Project... How About An Old BaseBall Bat or Garden Tool . or Beverage Holder...
.......or Do You Have a "Left-Over" Pair Of a Bad "Ex's" Boots/Shoes Left Over? ....I Can Make Them Into "A Story" of .... Telling Him(or Her) Symbolically to "Stand in The Corner Endlessly Reprimand" Version of a Small Table.......(Philosophically & Realistically... Turning a "Negative" into a "Positive" Artistically ) ... or .....Turn That Bent Bike/Car/Truck Part/Rim Part into a Beverage/Flower Pot Holder, Damaged Garden Tools into "Whatever" Almost Anythings into Anything Holders,, etc.'s etc.'s to Make A Bit of a Boring Life Situations Less Boring .... or Design Your Own Unique Personalized Business Card Holder for Work...
......or.. ...Creative House/Phone Numbers, Words, Names Logo's, Humorous Advertising/Warning Signs for Property or Business (Ponder Stand-Up Comic Type Examples: "Age 21 or Your Gone/Out", or "Show Your Id Now!!!", "No Smoking" "No Nudity", "No Profanity" :) or "Unpaid Bar Bills/Debts/etc. go to the Basement Dungeon Department (ask for Treadmill Electrical Generator Director " or "Unpaids, Leave Valuables on Counter, & Walk Downstairs, Then Go To: Helen Waite for Further Instructions!" .... Humor Ideas To Ponder
.. or My Corner Design Table/Flower Holder Where-by The Legs are "L" Shaped for "Wall Hugging" Capabilities for Easy Vacuming Underneath as Well as Extra Storage Underneath, also.

  Speed-Drop Lower To Specific Professions (Then Random Examples At Bottom): 1. Business, 2. Vehicles, 3. Bar Owners, 4. Office Workers, 5. Golfers, 6. Musicians, 7. Tatoo-ists, 8. Actors/Actresses, 9. Gardeners, 10. Campers/Tailgaters, 11 Truck Drivers 12. Bikers,Trikers, Motorcyclists 13 Bicyclists 14. Wheel-Chairists/Mobility Scooter Operators ......

 1. >>> BUSINESSES: ......... Ponder Any "What-Ever Design", to be Different & First In Your Field , .......To Have Your Designs or Logo or Words on Your Wall ! Or Personalized/Mobile Small Billboard/Sign Holder. 

 2. ..... OR:"....... Unique/Personalized Storage Additions to Trailers/Campers, Truck Bumpers,...or Simply If Your: Vehicle/Desk/Boat/ATV/Home/Garage Bench Top/Picnic Table/Dressing Room Table/etc Doesnt Have a Conventional Way To Hold Your Beverage Container or to Set Yours Apart from Some One Elses. These Are Essentially Ideas for Comtemplation for Anyones Advertisement/Personlization Originality To "Why Be the Same as All the Competition?"...... so Ponder Please & Design .....................

 3. *** Bar Owners/Managers(Actually, Any Business in Sales): Desire a "1ofaKind" Multiple Armed Display Rack Set-Up For Customer Choices of Smaller Pre-Contained Beverages/Snacks To Allow Customers to See Quicker For Decision Making Satisfaction to Your Business(Over Any Competitions)(& a Distinctive Conversation Piece For Customers Future Memory & "Free" Advertisements As They Tell Friends/Strangers{Termed Internally Landmark-ing/Trade-Marking Your Establishment Endlessly....})........ w/Words/Logos/Advertisement Areas Built-In?

 4. *** Office Workers: Need a Heavy Duty Coat/Boot/Shoe/Beverage Rack Not Made From Weaker Materials That Break When they Fall Over? How About a Multi-High Shelf Assembly That can be Made With a Dart Board or Magnetic Based/Press-in Tack Bulletin Board or ... ??? The DeskTop or Sky (or rather The Ceiling" Is The Limit on Height... Do You Want to Send a Group Message to Others About an Issue? Have a Floor/Desk Fixture The Size/Design Specifically For Said Purpose..

 5. *** Golfers: .......Do You NOT Have Enough Room on Your Cart For You/Your Friends Stuff? . Simply Have Extra Bigger Racks Made & Incorporate Your Own Logo, Words, or Symbols... or An Extra Pull Behind Cart With a Beverage Cooler (For Sparkling Waters to Not Get Dehydrated,) How About a Couple Of Fold Down Benches, A Table Top With Awning Hole Built In (I Know it Don't Ever Rain On Golfers But to Keep From Sunburn While Waiting For Slowers) or Flag Holders .  

 6. *** Musicians: ....Desire Specialized Construction or Logo Created Holders/Stands For: Extra Instruments On Stage/Storage/Display, ...Extra Lighting, Fans, Beverages, Elevated Higher Range Speakers, Mics, Odd Sized Shelves Racks in Trailers,.....Ask?.... 

 7. *** Tatoo-ists/Body Ink Artists/Artists In General: Need a Movable Multi-Shelved Platform For All Tools/Cords/Colors/Beverages/Cell Phone/Etc. With Your Personalized Logo/Words/Pictures/Protection Devices .

 8. ***Actors, Actresses, Dancers: Essentially Same as Above With a Question To Validate: Does the Counter-Top Area Where You Sit For Make-Up Application "Ever".... Have Enough Space?  

 9.***Lady Gardeners,..... Without a Garden or an Actual Earthen Place to Put it or Saving Back Future Stresses.... I Can Make An From Old Pick Up Box or Pull Behind Motorcycle Size Trailer And Turn It into a Portable/Mobile Mini-Garden; Or A Childrens Style Toy Wagon...... Either Waist or Shoulder Height For Easier Usages ... & a Shoulder Height Version has a Higher Second Floor to Store Tools and What-evers UnderNeath Hiddenly Nice From Public View.
 10. *** Campers, Tail-Gaters, BBQ-ers, Flame-Watching Philosophers,.....Do You Desire a Either Mobile/Stationary Fire-Pit, BBQ Carrier or Fire Containment Fixture, Visualization Fire Holder Device made With Your Own Logos, Names. Words, Themes, Symbols, Vehicle Parts, Etc., Etc. Incorporated.Or a Receiver Hitch Elevated Cooking Grille Holding Holder...

​ 11. Truck Drivers: Need a Really Specialized Beverage, Phone, Paperwork, WhatEver Holder/Bracket or Tool Made That You Can't Find Any-Where else?  
  11+12: Extra Light & Cargo Tie Down Bars/Rails, Lighted Bumpers.

  12. Bikers,Trikers, Motorcyclists, Bicyclists: Need an Individualized Sissy Bar, Flag/Banner/Beverage Holder, Trailer Hitch, Trailer Renovation/Reconstruct, Luggage Rack, Saddle-Bag Bracket/Separater/Hold Up, Trucker Style Light Holders.... etc,.... A Custom Bumper with Names, Symbols, Words, Logo's, Light Fixtures Built-In  
13 Bicyclists: Custom Bike (2nd Version Word) Pieces Not Available Any-Where Else.. Banner/Sign, Beverage, Custom Seat/Brackets Holders, Luggage Rack/Saddle-Bag/Extra Lights Brackets 
  Again, These Are Reality Usage & Humorous Suggestive IDEAS To Be Different....
  ......*** or Simply Give Me a Idea/Concept/Necessity/Desired Product to Work on...  

14. Wheel-Chairists/Mobility Scooter Operators: Beverage, Umbrella, Sun-Shield or Any Holders = Think & Call!

COLORS; My Favorite After-Build Color is "Satin Black", Mid Way Between Flat & Gloss Black. Flat Don't Have Enough Pigment Density To Keep From Rusting For Too Long Outside. And "Gloss Black" = No Matter How "Gloss", It Is; You Still Desire Glossier & Deeper Sheen Depth! "Satin"!!!
  Other Than That, As a Former Body Repairman, Any-Color of The "Rainbow" Mixable From An Auto Supply Shop,.. Essentially "If You Pay, I Will Spray"... Remember Mixable Paints Aren't Cheap & No Ahead Of Time "I Don't Want to Co-Invest" With You For Whats Left-Over! Even In The Can It Still Dries/Hardens After Time to Un-Usable, Unless For Wood Stove Heat, But Woods Still Cheaper Than "Colored Flames"........ If You Want Colored Flames, Throw Copper House Scrap Wiring Into a BonFire. And I Just Spray "Single-Stage" Paints, Meaning The Color Only, No Clears, No Extra Tints, No True "Candy-Apples"... Just Paint! .... Color Match Any-Thing Made to Any-Thing Else! & Can = Cars, Trucks, Bike Factory Colors, Sports Teams, Houses, Animals,.. Eyes, Nature.... or You Create/Tell/Ask Me AnyThing I Missed Here?  

Thank You  

  Past, Present, Future Projects: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

.Site Still Under Construction(=Always), Extra Updated Pics Will Be Added Later...Too Many Got Lost, Misplaced, Even Eaten by The Elements/Animals ...
​& Much(200 Of Them so Far.....) Of My World Displayed Distributable Designs Are Still In My Projects Box Awaiting That Illusive Time to Construct..................  
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