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References From My Moved "Handyman" Site..... (5/27/13)

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"I Have Used Lens Services to Help Me with Everything from Fixing My Lawn Mower, Brush Removel, Household Maintenance and Auto Repairs. I Have Always been Happy with the Quality of his Workmanship . ".
R. E., Faribault Mn

" I Have Had to Have Several Small Repairs Done to My Vehicle and I Have Always Been Happy with Lens Honest Workmanship and Ability to Tell it to Me Straight. As a Woman That is Very Important to Me and I Would Recommend Him to You For All of Your Handyman Needs".
T. H. , Faribault Mn

" Len is a Good Guy When You Need Something fixed. He has completely Rebuilt My Trailer with New Sides and Designed a New End-Gate/Steel Racks for My Chevy Truck. He is Dependable, Honest and Straight Forward. I Would Highly Recommend Len on Anything You Need Fixed, Repaired or Worked On".
 Dan R, Faribault MN

" Len has been Our Right Hand Repair-Man for the Past 14 years for Our Mini-Storage Facility and Our Home. He has Repaired, Painted and Rebuilt Anything that Had to Do with Lumber. He Has Done All of Our Repairs and Maintenance on all of Our Lawn Mowers and Weeders. He Has also Been in Charge of Any Repairs on Our Pickups, Trucks, Trailers and Cars During This Time. We Would Recommend Len to Anyone That Has a Need for a Competant and Honest Handy-Man" 

  David & Darlene, Faribault, MN  

I Have Known Len for About 10 years. I Became Aquainted with Him Thru My Brother. He Had Been My Brothers Handy-Man for Some Time (12 years ...Len's addendum ). I Call on Len When I Need Any Fixing on My House, Garage , or Yard. 
He is Very Reasonable , Pleasant , and Trustworthy.
I Highly Recommend Him and His Work.

  I. M., Faribault, MN

( Cy,.... Which Is Irenes Brother is The Person Who Got Me Started Into Helping Publicly, His Famous Words Were: "Just Do It..., I Trust You" Because I Would Ask Many Questions How He Wanted It Done Specifically (.Which Was From Some Past Experiences Working with a Few Long Past People That I Seemingly Couldn't Please Even If I Would Have Paid Them to Do the Work ..... :)
I Actually Moved Whole Inside Walls for Cy, (He Had 4-plex Apt House) ... Unique Experiences.... )  

I Met Len Thru Word Of mouth friends almost 13 yrs ago. I had moved from the Alaska area near Elison Air Force Base where My Father had transferred , When I was a teen and The pipeline was in full force.
  People tend to watch out for each other , even total strangers trusting them because when its below Zero (Up to minus 100 Degrees) knowing they may not get a second chance to help out.... I was very happy to find that same kind of honest caring concern in all the many various types of projects Len has done for me ( as a single Mom, homeowner, and vehicle lover) over the years of having the good fortune to meet him. His work has always been of Quality no less than if he were doing it for himself in my experience ..... This is not to mention going the extra to find and secure the cause of the problem if warranted, or at least making You Knowledgable of it . ... So Via my word of mouth I Highly recommend Len to you most whole heartedly to You ! K. Faribault

Thank You Mike, Also For The Small Investor Loan (Note: Mike is a Friend from Decades Ago in My Body Shop Days, He is a Realtor In San Diego, Ca., Go Out and Buy a Big Lake Shore Property House From Him) 

  Len Is Very Inteligent, Very Trustworthy, Very Perfectionistic (Lens says No I'm Not :), Very Diversified, and Very Versatile. I Deeply appreciate The work He's done for Me.

  I. M, Faribault

  Hi, I Am A widow & Needed Someone to 
Help With Various Tasks Around My Home
So I Hired Len. He Has Been Reliable And
Trustworthy (Honest About Himself And What 
He Knows , Does the Job To The Best Interests 
Of The Clients)
  S B., Faribault