​On "What-Evers" (=ASK?To NOT Be  Multiplicital Clones In Life, Hobbies, The World, Or ANY Professions... 
("The Availables" Page, Just as The Word States, Are Available For What-Ever Bracket, Device, Holder, Creation, ARTS-THINGEE-Concoction (By The way ABSTRACTUALIZED & Blended With The Right Extra Components/Pieces/Tubings/What-Evers Becomes Worldly Noticed 4$$$ = Wait'n See))That You/Any-One May Desire to Pre-Order Them Into,...... Before I May Do For Myself. Every/Any Piece May be Meaningless/Un-valueable To Most Yet Spark a Vison-able Creation to Some-One, Some-Where, Thusly Here Why Visably. Essentially Long Term Accumulated Objects, Parts, Artifacts, That With The Right Assemblages Of Bases, Uprights, Tubings, Extras Will Turn Into An Art-Overtone That Some-One World-Wide Will Treasure, Bid, Pay For.... & Order Early Or Else I Will Eventually Build Them Into Some-Thing Creative, & No Duplicate Pieces Can Be Found Exactly Again..........
​Use An O. M. To See The Idea($). Thanx.
Antique Farm Seed Planter. Could Be Made Into Many Things: Business Sign Holder(As Presently Temperaily Used For), Side Wall Leaning On, Drink Ledge Type of Bar, Flowers Planter, Water-Proof It For Outside Beverage Container Reach-In Style Cooler, ......  
Heart Shape Synthetic Flower Holder Pick Your Size & Finished Dimensions & Can Include Loved One/Ones Picture Bracket, Or Postcard Area From Past Favorite Travel Place As a Super Mini Vacation(Visualization Techniques) Right At Your Desk Level, Favorite Beverage/Coffee Cup Holder, Favorite Pet/Vehicle Pic, etc, etc's....
2 Antique(Approx 1940's) Water/Milk Pitchures. I have Plans to Have With Flower Holders Middle Rising Up & Either Satin or Glossy Cloth Type Material Around Tubes Semi-Simulating Water Effect.  

Antique (Approx 1950-60's) Ladder-Back Lawn Chaise/Lounge-Chair
Elevated Flower Holder (Mobile Also), I'll come Up With Other Ideas Later
Elevated Abstract Ash Trays/"Cig Snuffers"
aka/Sub-Titled The Laughables Section
These Pieces Can Be Incorporated To The "Batchelor Guys Beside The Chair Beverage Holders" Series; So If Guys Happen to Fall Asleep During a Nice Romance Movie Don't Have to Worry About Spilling Expensive Health Oriented/Life-Style Enhancing Beverages On The Floor, Chair, Them-Selves or Worldly Renowned Picture Periodical. 

Or the Outside Building Dead Cigarette Portable Burial Ground/Receptacle ..... Heavily Humorous, But Think Creatively,.... The Uniquer/Weirder Any Of Mine Are, They Will Become Land-Marks For Direction Givers To Semi-Immortilized Your Place From Every-One Elses. Now Think, How Good Or Great Is That for FREE Advertisement "All-Over-the-World", Seriously No DS Here, & Make Sure It Is in a Pic In Front Of Your Business Structure As You Put That Pic To Be Seen World-Wide. People Visiting From Other Countries Who Come to Minnesnowta To See a Big Ox, A Lumber-Jack, 10Zillion Lakes, What-Ever. bcz Discerning Eyes for Oddities Will See it & Be Intrigued!!! & Any-One thinking this Is a dumb Idea , Call Me Up & Ask for The 20 Dumb Things That Made Million$$$ For Other People.. "1Ofakind4U!!!" 
Grammas Ironing Board Flower Holder
Elevated to Save from Back Pains, The Number of Holes and Size Diameter Chosen by Pre-Orderer Unless I Do It First... Weighted Base Suggested (and/or Wheels 4 Easier Mobility) For A Better Anti-Tip Over Protection.  
Hair Stylists With a Good Sense Of Humor
Business Card Holder Bases, Choice of Mangled Weed Cutter, or Mangled Scissors, Antique Mens Hair Clipper (Hand Crank/Scissor Action Model), Or Bend a Chain Saw Bar & Blade to "S"- Curves Holding Up ,The Card Stand, Or Do You Have a Good/Great idea ?.. Think, Think, Think & :)  
.............. Ladies(& Men) Who Snip: ..... "1Ofakind4U" B4 .....................SomeOne Else Comes Up w/a Design First